2010 Conference Presentations

ORWARN Overview PDF, 2.21 MB

Neil Kennedy

Tsunamis: What they are. How they stike.  PDF, 3.34 MB              

Harry Yeh

ORWARN Website PDF, 3.22 MB

David Argast & Mary Ellen Collentine

Deployment Basics PDF, 6.06 MB

Todd Humphrey

FEMA Public Assistance Process PDF, 2.08 MB

Lois Lopez

Flood Fight PDF, 2.68 MB

Les Miller

GIS and Emergency Management PDF, 5.49 MB

David Argast & Geoff Chew

Exercise Planning PDF, 3.15 MB

Todd Simmons

Operation Round-up PDF, 8.33 MB

Mary Ellen Collentine

Tsunami Damage to Infrastrucutre:
and the Consequence for a Small Coastal Community
  PDF, 3.99 MB

Harry Yeh

The Chile Earthquake of 2010:
and Implications for Oregon and the Pacific NW
  PDF, 5.49 MB

Scott Ashford

Tsunami Tabletop Exercise PDF, 3.46 MB

Tsunami Tabletop Exercise Summary PDF, 79.51 KB

Todd Simmons

WebEOC: Enhancing the Power of Communication  PDF, 1.88 MB

David Argast & Geoff Chew