Update - Hurricane Harvey

Following are updates from Kevin Morley, Manager, Federal Relations, AWWA.

As you all might imagine this incident is far from over and likely continue to evolve over the next few days.

There has been tremendous outpouring of support from utilities that are willing to provide assistance, however we need folks to keep in mind that much of impact area is still conducting life safety missions and damage assessments will be forth coming. The latter is essential to informing an effective response planning effort.

While much of the response is being handled from assets within Texas, there is reasonable expectation that requests will be made of utilities in surrounding states. Teams/assets within a 1-2 day drive of the Houston region would be most logical first order target for requests. See map below for perspective on distance where Houston is center point.

Assuming an EMAC request is issued, this group will be given advanced notice so there is time to gather info to ensure that there is a reasonable expectation for an affirmative response and allow a WARN to “assemble” a prospective response.

Utilities that believe that they can provide assistance, if requested, really need to consider what exactly they are able to offer now. This includes developing a reasonable cost estimate for deployment…your management will ask eventually and the receiving entity will need that calculated anyway…so determine what type of team/assets your utility could deploy if requested now based on the AWWA Resource Typing Manual and the attached cost estimator.