Become a Member

Download the Mutual Aid Agreement, the Utility Demographics Form, and the Voting Delegate Appointment Form. Then print, complete, and sign the respective forms. Choose one of the following options for returning the signed forms:

Shared Worker Agreements

Shared Worker Agreement SOP
Shared Worker Agreement (Voluntary Addendum to ORWARN Agreement)

Become a Member Utility

ORWARN member utilities assist each other by listing emergency equipment and trained personnel available for use by other members during an emergency.
1. Download ORWARN Mutual Aid Agreement
2. Complete and sign the agreement. Mail to

Become an Associate Member

ORWARN associate members are non-utilities that are involved in emergency management. They have access to the news and resources listed on this website. They can NOT post emergency equipment, trained personnel, news updates.

ORWARN members establish a board composed of volunteers from participating utilities within the state. A chair is elected by the members to act as administrator for ORWARN.

What can ORWARN do for you?

In order to be eligible for federal grants and reimbursements before, during and after an emergency, all community water/wastewater systems are to:

  • Adopt the National Incident Management System (NIMS).
  • Support the development of interstate mutual aid programs.
  • Integrate response at the field, local and state levels of government.

The ORWARN program will help facilitate meeting these requirements.

Why is there a need for ORWARN?

ORWARN Benefits

  • No cost to participate.
  • Increased planning and coordination.
  • Enhances access to specialized resources.
  • A single agreement provides access to all member utilities statewide.
  • Expedites arrival of aid.
  • It is consistent with the National Incident Management System (NIMS).
  • Provides a current list of emergency contacts and phone numbers.
  • Reduces administrative conflict.
  • Avoids federal bureaucracy.
  • Increases hope within our communities that recovery will come quickly.
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